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Image Audiovisuals has reached our 25th year! To celebrate, we have created the "Omaha Challenge" benefitting the Food Bank of the Rockies. The challenge is simple - pledge a dollar amount to give each time Peyton Manning says the signature audible, "Omaha!" and we'll send your total following the BIG GAME…
For instance, if you pledge $1 per Omaha, and there is a total of 40 Omahas, your contribution will be $40! Since we have been in business for 25 years, we have pledged $25/Omaha!
We need your help to reach our fundraising goal of $10,000! Every little bit helps. 100% of all pledged donations will go directly to the Food Bank of the Rockies. Thanks for playing and GO BRONCOS!
Following the game, you will be sent separate instructions for remitting payment directly using the Food Bank's secure website server.
Any questions can be directed to Kelly Kucera at (303) 758-1818 x321 or via email at

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